How to Build a Storage Shed in Your Yard

Building outdoor sheds for your yard is the best way to save valuable space. It also provides proper storage for all of your home and garden tools. If you don’t know how to begin, then following these simple steps will assist you on your DIY adventure.

Make Sure You Have Any And All Permits

The first thing you need to do is obtain any necessary work permit prior to the construction of your shed. If you belong to a home owner’s association, then you can obtain information from that entity. Just like any other project, the cost of your permit will be determined by the size of your shed. Normally though, small garden sheds could be permitted for only $100.

Determine What Materials To Be Used

With the design of many sheds available today, the most commonly built are constructed using vinyl or wood. With both wood and vinyl being able to create strong and durable sheds, this is the main reason why your design can be very flexible.


Are Granny Flats A Good Investment

Granny flats, also knows as secondary suites, are a common addition to backyards across the United States. More often than not, these structures sit unused with their potential unrealized. A granny suite can be attached to the main house, but it can also exist as a separate structure in close proximity.

These unique little structures are called “granny flats” because they’re often used to support a family member in a time of need. For example, if a young adult needs a place to stay after college, their parents may invite them and their family to come live in the granny suite for a while. Conversely, a parent may end up living in the granny flat behind their child’s house if they’ve gone through a rough divorce.

While granny flats can be a lifesaver for a family member in need, they can also provide a great opportunity to earn some extra income. Instead of letting the granny flat sit uninhabited in the backyard after their family member moves out, more people are deciding

Make Organic Fertilizers for Roses

A homemade organic fertilizer is always preferable to commercial ones. Read on for some information about homemade organic fertilizers for roses.

With more and more people turning natural in various ways, organic gardening too is fast gaining momentum. In general, this concept can be explained as the practice of growing plants without using synthetic products. If you are a person who loves gardening, then going organic will prove beneficial in various ways. You have to use organic fertilizers as well as pest control methods. Nowadays, organic fertilizers as well as pest control products are available in the market. However, most of these products are found to be expensive, as compared to synthetic ones. You may also opt for some organic fertilizers that can be made at home.

Homemade Organic Fertilizers for Roses

Roses have always been a favorite among flower lovers. These plants are commonly grown in home gardens. Most of the rose varieties are easy to grow and if properly taken care of, they will reward you with fragrant and colorful flowers. If you are interested in having them in your home garden, then it will be better to have a fair understanding on how to grow roses.

Plant Protection Gardening Accessories

Gardeners love to buy garden accessories from online gardening accessories shops. But they should not forget it that excessive garden tools may make it disorganized. Gardeners should make a list of essential things at the beginning of every season. Various plant protection accessories are required in different seasons. The plants need to be protected from the external threats of weeds, storm, and winds etc. Some of the useful garden accessories are porous weed membrane ground cover, woven porous weed membrane, tri laminated 25 mm Bubble insulation, plastic pegs, tree guards, heavy duty metal ground, weed cover etc.

Porous weed membrane ground cover:

Porous weed membrane covers the garden or lawn to prevent the growth of weed. It also blocks out the light. Weeds create problems for a beautiful garden. Beautiful lawns or garden can be destroyed simply by the weeds. This cover is a useful tool to save the garden from the weeds.

Woven porous weed membrane:

Woven porous membrane is designed to cover areas before putting bark or chiping on. It prevents the growth of the weed. You can use this cover on the areas which are not going to be used for

Guide to Growing Roses from Cuttings

Roses are the most favored and popular flower around the globe. There is a huge commercial market for roses and rose saplings. Here, we have provided a step-wise guide for growing roses from cuttings.

Fossil evidence reveals the roses to be 35 million years old. Roses were cultivated around 5000 years ago in Asian countries. Today, there are more than 30,000 varieties of rose hybrids. Roses have been mentioned in legends and folklores of the ancient world. Roses find a place in Greek and Indian mythology as well.

Josephine, wife of Napoleon Bonaparte, had a wonderful collection of 250 varieties of roses at Chateau de Malmaison, an estate located several miles west of Paris. Pierre-Joseph Redoute, a botanical illustrator, used the settings of this Chateau to complete his watercolor collection “Les Rose”. “Les Rose” is considered as one of the finest botanical illustrations even today.

The roses in Europe were in shades of pink or white till the beginning of the 19th century. The red roses, symbol of love and romance, and the rare green roses came from China. A Frenchman, Joseph Pernet-Ducher, introduced the yellow roses in the early twentieth century.

How to Choose a Shoot for Growing Roses

Watering Garden Mosquito Control

Whether you have a water garden or considering building a water garden, the inquiry is dependably, shouldn’t something be said about mosquitoes. How would I control mosquitoes? Will having a water garden turned into a magnet for mosquitoes? Doesn’t a water garden turn into a rearing haven for mosquitoes? Mosquitoes convey ailments like the West Nile infection, heart worm, intestinal sickness, encephalitis, and numerous others. The females, who drink blood, can convey sickness starting with one creature then onto the next as they bolster. The female will lay from 40 to 400 eggs that can get to be grown-ups in 5 – 14 days and it doesn’t take long to have a major issue.


Building a water garden does not need to be a reproducing ground for mosquitoes. The principal thing to consider while developing a water greenery enclosure is water development. Mosquitoes just lay eggs in stagnate shallow water. Having great surface water stream is the most imperative thing to consider. At the point when planning your water garden or koi lake think as far as a starting and end of the surface water. The starting can be a waterfall or stream. This not

Tips to Graft Rose Plants

Of the different artificial vegetative propagation techniques used to propagate plants in horticulture, grafting is the oldest and simplest method that can be used for a variety of plants.

A rose is every gardeners favorite. It takes a lot of grooming, a lot of care (as the above quote may have illustrated)… but ah! The sight of a rose plant in full bloom is one that is sure to take your breath away! Roses, along with needing a lot of attention and pampering, also need a lot of practice while growing. Roses also offer very nice grafting opportunities.

Grafting is the technique in which a plant is propagated by fusing a stem-cutting from that plant with the stem of a rooted plant. The grafted plant is called the ‘scion’, while the rooted plant onto which the graft is grafted is called the ‘rootstock’, or simply the ‘stock’. There are many advantages of grafting plants. However, hobby gardeners indulge in grafting more for the creative satisfaction rather than the science of it. The result of a successful grafting attempt is that the plant may bear flowers of two different colors, sometimes even of mixed colors!

Grafting is a science, yes;

Guide to Growing Roses in Pots

There is no greater joy than watching a rose bloom. Enjoy this experience, as you learn a few tips about growing these beautiful flowers in pots. These tips are the same for growing roses in containers as well.

The fact that roses can be grown very well in pots caught people’s attention in the last part of the nineteenth century, especially in England. Till then, they were confined to flower beds, and had to be protected extensively from harsh climatic changes. Planting roses in pots not only helps one protect the plant from varying environmental conditions, but also allows an individual to render it special care and attention. It has become an interesting proposition for many people, as people now live in apartments or on small properties, and find it difficult to tend to large gardens.

How to Grow Roses in Pots

Choosing the right variety is imperative. Although large climbers, hybrid tea varieties, and big garden roses will grow in pots, they will never reach their full potential. So choose carefully and wisely, as there are a wide number of shrubs and bushes that come in every hue and color possible to satisfy your need to enliven your

Tips to Grow Roses

By following some basic gardening requirements, the job of growing roses becomes easy. This article will guide you right from buying the variety of rose, to taking care of it to grow healthy roses on the plant.

Roses are one of the most beautiful flowers, whether the red ones that express love or the white ones that look serene. With different gardening methods, one can even graft different colored rose plant together to create new shades of roses. Roses might look delicate, but they are quite easy to grow if you meet their basic care needs like proper water, a well-fertilized soil and adequate sunlight. With these basic care needs you can grow healthy rose plant, and enjoy the beautiful roses on the plants. However, one needs to be aware of some minor issues when growing rose plants too. Like, I used to water my rose plant in the pot regularly, but somehow its roots became exposed and the plant became unsteady, and the plants started showing signs of yellow leaves. Later on, I learned that it happens if you water directly at the middle of the pot at the base of the stem, this problem occurs.

Tips Growing Roses for Beginner

With some tender loving care, you can grow excellent roses right in your own backyard. Here are some useful tips that would help make this task an easy and enjoyable affair.

Growing roses is not a difficult task if you know how to go about the entire process. You have to bear in mind that they need a lot of care though. Attention has to be given to the soil and the water requirements.

For the soil, you will need to get those which have a pH balance that ranges from 6.5 to 6.8. Always remember that the soil should provide a good drainage system to get rid of the excess water. You would also need to take into account that some organic matter would be needed to add to the soil. This would help enrich the soil and also nourish the roots of the plants. Use organic matter like manure for better results.

These plants need plenty of sunlight. Around 6 hours of the morning sun is required for them to flower as well. Roses also need a lot of water. Experts recommend watering them thoroughly twice a week. It would also depend on the amount of sunlight

Indoor Flowers

Did you ever notice that our sense of smell is one of our five senses that we have the least control on! Now imagine walking into a room that didn’t smell nice! Want to welcome your guests into a fragrant room? Here are few suggestions of indoor flowers

The above line from Shakespeare’s Romeo and Juliet has inspired many a generations since the time it was first written. We often associate a trait very strongly with a thing – and hence lovers have always described the scent of their sweetheart to be ‘as sweet as a rose’! However there are a lot of fragrant flowers that bear an exquisite, intoxicating smell. Though some of these are big guys and need ample space, many of them can be grown indoors as well! There are many options from which to choose, and a novice is bound to get confused! So here is a list of some indoor flowers that smell good to help you along.

Easy-to-Grow Indoor Fragrant Flowers
It is very important for an amateur to choose an easy-to-grow plant as a first. Plants – especially flowering plants – demand attention and care. However, some are rather

Types of Roses

Roses are the best means to express our feelings since time immemorial. Indeed, it is a flower for everyone; a friend gifts a yellow rose to convey gratitude to another friend or a lover presents a red rose to simply express his love. Consequently, rose is the most sold flower worldwide. More than 100 species of rose are identified, out of which some are popularly grown in pots and home garden. If you are interested in growing roses and are planning to try your hands on it, read this article to get an idea on the different types of roses.

Different Types of Roses

Be it the shape, size, color, blooming form or growing habit, the variability of roses cannot match with any other flower species. In terms of colors of roses, you can find white, pink, yellow, orange, shades of blue and black. Even there are different types of red roses, which vary in the color shade, number of petals and bloom shape. Frankly speaking, there is no other flower that is as diverse as a rose. Mention below is a list of rose types, which you can consider while selecting for your flower garden:

China Rose: Fill your garden

How to Prune Rose Bushes

How to prune rose bushes? For any new rosarian, this must be the most befuddling question. Pruning is the process to encourage new growth by enhancing sunlight and air circulation, and also improving overall appearance of the bushes.

If you are a new rosarian, pruning rose bushes can seem like a mystery for you. It can be a very intimidating, nerve-raking process, especially when the concept is a novelty to you. However, the thing to remember is that pruning is beneficial for your rose plants. While it takes time, experience, and practice, to become an accomplished rose gardener, it is next to impossible that you will kill your rose with bad pruning. So, give a try! It is better than letting them grow uncontrolled and wild.

Pruning is done for the following reasons:

  • To encourage the new growth and bloom
  • To remove dead or diseased wood
  • To improve the appearance of the plant
  • To let more sunlight and air to the center of the plant
  • To remove its uncontrolled growth for better circulation
  • To control the quantity and quality of the flowers produced

The process of removing spent blooms, also known as deadheading, during the season, promotes blooming. This improves

Hydroponic Strawberries Planting

Do you wait for summer to grow strawberries? Well, you don’t have to necessarily wait for any season to grow strawberries or any of your favourite fruits, if you adopt hydroponic method of cultivating fruits, vegetables or herbs. If you’ve not heard of this method of farming yet, we could simply put it this way – hydroponics is the science of growing plants without the use of soil; rather, nutrients that plants normally get from soil are added to water.

There are multiple advantages of growing strawberries in hydroponics method, especially your favorite strawberries, and one of the most exciting of them all is growing strawberries not just in summer, but throughout the year. Yes, end of summer is never an end to getting fresh strawberries for growers, when they’re growing strawberries hydroponically. Hydroponic method of growing is designed in such a way that it allows farming throughout the year, regardless of any weather conditions.

You’ll also love the fact that hydroponic strawberries can be grown using much less space, and also in much less time. Strawberries grown hydroponically grow faster than the ones grown in soil. And, if you take into consideration the option of growing strawberries by utilizing

Indoor Windowsill Garden

Just because you live in an apartment doesn’t mean you can’t have a garden! With the rapid growth of cities, a lot of apartment buildings are coming up, which have little or no space for plants. For people living in such places, indoor gardening is a good alternative.

For someone who loves gardening, living in an apartment can be very frustrating, due to the shortage of space. This year, with the weather being so beautiful, a person would be dying to have a garden of their own and cursing the lack of yard space. If you are one such person, starting an indoor windowsill garden is your best bet. Anyone can grow beautiful plants or even fresh veggies if they’re willing to put in the effort! Here are a few basic steps to get you started:

Step One – Pots and Containers
A good windowsill garden starts with a good pot or container. The important thing about any container, whether it’s a fancy store-bought kind or one you make yourself from a bucket or soda bottle, is proper drainage. The water has to drain from the bottom, otherwise it will pool up and cause all sorts of problems

Container Gardening Mistakes

Many people take up container gardening as a solution for their small apartments. In attempt to make their home a green heaven, sometimes they go over board. If you think there’s nothing that can go wrong with gardens in pots, you are wrong. Here are some of the mistakes you should try to evade:

Don’t Fill Your Containers in the Wrong Place:

People often forget that when they fill an empty container it gets heavy. It’s hard to move even from one room to another if it’s too large. It doesn’t matter if you have an indoor or outdoor garden, you need to think before you put the potting mix in the container. Bring it to the place where you plan to arrange your potted plants. This will save you time and energy, and will spare your back.

Don’t Drown the Poor Plants

Another problem with container bound plants is overwatering. To avoid this, you need to make sure your pots have proper drainage holes. If you don’t want to drown your container greens, find out how much moisture they require. When you decide to water your foliage, check the soil. Do this by

How to Pruning Climbing

Pruning helps trees to grow and flower better. This article attempts to answer a common garden query – ‘how to prune climbing roses’? These plants are as popular as their bushy twins. Pruning them in the correct way will ensure that you get a bountiful growth of the plants and have a great garden.

There are many variety of roses, that one can grow in a garden to beautify it. The climbing rose is one such variety, that is trained on a trellis, wall, or clambered into a tree, and when in full bloom, is one of the most delightful sights in the garden. Pruning this plant requires attention so that its healthy growth is maintained and to increase the number of new sprouts. Most of them need seasonal and light pruning, to expose them to light and air.

One of the most essential requirements of pruning is having good gardening tools; sharp pairs of shears (garden scissors), in different sizes. A jagged end will damage the delicate stems, and bud growth. Climbing roses are not self-training, they need to be trained onto a garden trellis or a horizontal support fencing. If left to its own design, they

Indoor hydroponics Gardening

We all acclaim to access a garden of our own with fruits & vegetables ability grown. But it may not be accessible for bodies who aperture in areas across the ambit receives beneath sunlight & added adverse factors that may banausic bottomward the brawl growth.

Welcome to Indoor Hydroponics Gardening, the best way to accomplish your dream to access your own Indoor Garden with blossom flowers.

The Indoor Hydroponics Gardening works annular the year throughout afterwards accepting adversity on acclimatized adroit changes, no adobe is acclimatized & that leads the brawl to be pesticide free. So, one can abound herbs, fruits, vegetable and flowers as per their requirements.

Indoor Hydroponics Gardening has been so acclimatized that it not aloft taken alone as a action but additionally a profession. To access an Indoor Hydroponics Gardening, one may appear aloft lots of questions or queries accompanying to it like

* Which Fertilizer to be used? * Which Garden abound lights are ill-fitted to the house? * Across to ability the Hydroponics growing systems? * How is the set up and aliment done?

Let us allocate few tips on these areas giving you a beside assimilation on across to activate or how to alpha an Indoor

ips on Taking Care of Floribunda Roses

One of the most beautiful types of garden roses is the Floribunda rose, available in vibrant colors. Find some Floribunda rose care tips mentioned in the article written below just for your information

If you have a flowering garden, a patio or simply a raised bed bordering the walkways, you often need to plant some attractive looking flowering plants. Roses being the best garden flowers, there are a number of varieties that are available. They are used as an excellent garden plant, because they grow in a bush accommodating large patches of soil, the flowered blooms make the outdoors look gorgeous, and they are easy to care for. One such variety of garden roses is Floribunda which is actually produced by crossing hybrid tea roses with Rosa multiflora (polyantha rose), a wild rose. The reason of crossing these two varieties of roses was to obtain an offspring which had the elaborate and large bloom of the polyantha, and the colors from the tea roses. These roses are very easy to care for but should be done appropriately.

Tips for Floribunda Rose Care

The plants of Floribunda roses range from a height of 18 inches to 3½ feet tall, and

Indoor Herb Garden

Maintaining a herb garden indoors is an enjoyable and relaxing hobby for many people. You can grow an indoor herb garden with basic gardening skills and supplies. For more information on how to start an indoor herb garden, read on.

Owning a regular outdoor garden is for people who are lucky enough to have sufficient land for planting flowers and vegetables. But, what about those residing in crowded city areas, but yearn to have fresh herbs in and around the house. For a gardening enthusiast, there is no concern, even if you do not have enough land for gardening. Irrespective of the season, you can maintain a healthy indoor herb garden, wherein you can grow medicinal as well as flavorful culinary herbs.

Starting an Indoor Herb Garden

Herbs are the easiest to grow indoors, as compared to flowers and vegetables. Unlike other plants, they are easy to maintain with moderate water, light and temperature. Beginning an indoor herb garden is not so difficult as it sounds; what you need is basic herb gardening skills, in terms of selecting correct size containers, plant seeds or plantlets and maintenance of herbs.

Planning the layout is a challenging step, as you need to