Plant Protection Gardening Accessories

Gardeners love to buy garden accessories from online gardening accessories shops. But they should not forget it that excessive garden tools may make it disorganized. Gardeners should make a list of essential things at the beginning of every season. Various plant protection accessories are required in different seasons. The plants need to be protected from the external threats of weeds, storm, and winds etc. Some of the useful garden accessories are porous weed membrane ground cover, woven porous weed membrane, tri laminated 25 mm Bubble insulation, plastic pegs, tree guards, heavy duty metal ground, weed cover etc.

Porous weed membrane ground cover:

Porous weed membrane covers the garden or lawn to prevent the growth of weed. It also blocks out the light. Weeds create problems for a beautiful garden. Beautiful lawns or garden can be destroyed simply by the weeds. This cover is a useful tool to save the garden from the weeds.

Woven porous weed membrane:

Woven porous membrane is designed to cover areas before putting bark or chiping on. It prevents the growth of the weed. You can use this cover on the areas which are not going to be used for a white. The water can pass through it. But it stops the development of the weeds.

Tri Laminated 25 mm bubble insulation:

This premium grade bubble insulation is standard than the cheap bubble wrap which is used for packaging. It has UV additive feature for longer life. It insulates greenhouse in order to retain heat and protects plants and seeds from frost.

Plastic pegs:

Plastic peg ground cover plant protection gardening accessory helps to hold down mulch mats, fleece, netting or any other ground cover. It comes with a wide head and a shank made of a durable and black plastic. It is and effective tool to remove the weed.

Spiral Tree Guards:

This spiral tree guard protects the plants throughout the years, whatever is the weather condition. This is easy to fit and cost effective. This accessory is made of PVC brown plastic which stands up to animals and strimmers etc.

Heavy Duty Metal guards plant protection:

This heavy duty metal guard made of galvanised steel staples or pegs. These are ideal for holding weed membrane and fabrics.

Weed cover:

Again, it’s another effective weed cover which saves the garden from the threats of weeds. It can also be used as landscaping fabric, none woven, various lengths and widths.